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What’s one of the best innovations for online shoppers in the past ten years?

The answer is an incredible tool that is changing the way people shop online, and it’s revolutionizing stay-at-home business owners all the way up to big brand-name businesses.

The tool is called Amazon Prime, it’s great for Amazon customers, but it’s even better for 3rd-party sellers on Amazon’s Marketplace.

If you ship your products to FBA, Amazon customers who have an Amazon Prime Membership can get your products with free, two-day shipping.

Your customer could wait 5-8 business days to get their order, or they could pay extra for shipping to get it there faster (I hate doing that). Don’t force your customers through the painful and expensive process of regular shipping.

Use FBA to Better Your Internet Business

Using Fulfillment by Amazon allows your items to qualify for Amazon Prime to the millions of shoppers on Amazon.

That means free, two-day shipping on the items you offer.

Amazon Prime can also work for you in another way.

If you order supplies for your business online (printers, toner, stationary, office supplies, etc.), Prime becomes very handy because you can let your fingers do the walking rather than spending time driving to one store, then another, and another.

Since your Prime account works for your household, you can also order personal items (with your personal credit card) and have the same benefit of the free, two-day shipping.

We ordered a some heavy equipment and got it with free shipping in two days. It weighed close to 90 pounds and shipped for free!

It also works out really well, when family member birthdays sneak up on you…

The Amazon Numbers are Staggering

The bottom line is that with over 60-80 Million Amazon prime subscribers, there’s a whole lot of customers that qualify for free, two-day shipping on items that ship from an Amazon warehouse.

Those customers want items fast and with free shipping.

Ease of Ordering makes Ordering Easy

Because so many Amazon customers qualify for free, two-day shipping, they’re looking for products that meet that criteria.

Imagine using Fulfillment by Amazon for your business and having your products offered with free, two-day shipping.

What that means is that more customers will be enticed to buy your products–especially when last-minute shopping during the holidays means customers need their orders fast and from a fulfillment system they can trust.

When customers are shopping other sites or looking at other sellers on Amazon that offer shipping times from 5-10 business days, it’s an easy choice given who to buy from: The merchants that offer free, and extremely fast shipping.

Setup isn’t complicated, and for pre-existing listings, it’s even easier.

With fulfillment centers all over the US, and now in multiple countries around the world, time has never been better to get started.

Getting Started with FBA

Starting with FBA has never been easier. In fact, it can be done in two steps.

  1. Create an Amazon Selling Account (you’ll want a pro-merchant account)
  2. Send your items to Amazon’s Warehouse.

And you can start raking in the dough. Okay, that’s a little hyperbole, but it really is that simple. You get your product out there and qualifying for Amazon Prime, Free 2-day shipping. It can make products irresistible compared to the competition.

Make your Dreams of owning and Internet Business a Reality

There’s never been a better time to get started and discover financial independence. If you’ve been waiting, it’s time to make those dreams a reality.