Bullet Points Sell Products

If you had only 15 words to sell your product, would those 15 words be important?

It’s amazing how many sellers miss the point. It’s easy to see whenever you’re shopping online.

What is a Bullet Point?

  • It’s text separated by a “point” that makes reading fast and easy
  • It usually provides a summary for quick scanning
  • It’s what is read more than long descriptions and is crucial in aiding your sales

Can Bullet Points make a difference in your Product Sales?

Multi-million dollar corporations as well as those of us running home-based businesses selling online will do more sales selling on Amazon.com than anywhere else because it’s where buyers are.

So where do bullet points come in?

  • Bullet points on Amazon product listings are looked at more often than the description, so make ’em count!
  • Amazon allows only 100 characters (about 15 words) **See below for an update**
  • Limited space in the product feature lists (bullet points) makes word choice crucial.
  • There are only 5 bullets you can use, so choose wisely what you highlight.

Unfortunately, sellers are letting sales slip through their fingers when it could be so easy to fix.

You’ve probably seen products when you’re shopping online that have scant descriptions and bullet points. They fail to tell you the information you’re looking for.

It’s frustrating! And the seller unwittingly loses out on sale after sale.

Creating Magic Bullet Points:

Magic Bullet Points do so much more than list a feature of the product.

They help sell the product by identifying what the features can do for the customer.

Important Points to Remember:

  • Choose what sets your product apart and highlight the related benefits
  • Start with the most important benefit first and work your way down
  • Take advantage of all 5 bullet points on Amazon

Examples of Great Bullet Points:

Mike Denison gives some great examples of bullet points that sell product (not just describe features):


  • Aluminum alloy


  • Carefully constructed of high-quality aluminum alloy for years of maintenance-free enjoyment


  • Carefully constructed of high-quality, rust-free aluminum alloy so you can enjoy it for many years with virtually no maintenance!

You can see from Mike’s example that something as boring as the product’s material can be made more interesting to the reader.

You could even try changing the order from the example above an put the benefit first in the sentence:

  • Enjoy year after year with virtually no maintenance due to the carefully constructed, rust-free aluminum alloy

Each bullet should be a selling point explaining why the product’s feature is important and how it will benefit the customer.

100 Characters or Less – Make them Count**

An owner of  a multi-million dollar company that sells online (Amazon creating a huge chunk of that revenue) was reviewing products his company had for sale.

We sat down and were looking at their products on Amazon, and the owner exclaimed that the main benefit of the product we were looking at wasn’t even highlighted in the bullet points or the description!

He had a full-time employee over internet sales that wrote product descriptions, and they were missing the most important selling point.

Make sure your bullet points count by sharing the most important benefits and distinguishing factors of your products.

Your customers will thank you because they’ll get the information they’re looking for, and your wallet will thank you too.

**Update to the Character Limit:

Even though Amazon states there’s a character limit, it seems to have been lifted as we’ve tested, you can go way over the character limit for bullet points. The interesting thing is that text beyond the limit seems to be indexed in search. Could Amazon set the limit back? Yes they could. They did a similar thing with the keyword field. Keywords are definitely limited to 250 characters.

How to Test if Amazon is Indexing your Listing’s Keywords

You can test if Amazon is indexing your bullet points by pasting your ASIN for your product and the keyword in your bullet point to see if it shows up in search results on Amazon.

Amazon Feature Checklist Dos and Donts

Your Business Should Work for you and Not the Other Way Around

Even with great bullet points and product descriptions, you still need to get buyer attention on Amazon, and that’s why marketing is critical to your business success.

It’s about finding a message-to-market-match, and that’s why we recommend the trainings we do which can help automate your processes and get your products in front of qualified customers.

Make Your Dreams a Reality

Amazon provides so many tools to help you automate your business so you can spend your time working on your business, and not just in your business, ultimately giving you the freedom to pursue your lifelong goals, whether that be financial independence, funds for traveling, making a difference, or all of the above.