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Is it possible to get into Amazon Brand Registry in 7 Days or less?

Oh, it’s possible, and if you’re not in Amazon Brand Registry, you’ll want those benefits as fast as you can get them.

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

Brand registry helps protect your brand, and makes it easier for you as the Brand Owner to make changes to detail pages.

It helps you in dealing with counterfeits or rogue listings.

It gives you access to create A+ content on your listing pages which lets you add pictures, paragraphs, formatting, links to your other products, and more on your listing’s description.

The Brand Registry on Amazon also gives you as a seller better control over your brand. You have access to better support through Brand Registry Support.

They answer much more quickly, and they are typically much more helpful than Regular Seller Support.

The registry gives you special access to customer buying patterns, search terms, and more.

What do you need to join the brand registry?

To get your brand in the registry and connected to your seller account, you’ll need a trademark registered with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

But that’s not the only way in the registry.

You can also join the registry if you have an application for your trademark placed at the USPTO.

That’s how you can get into the brand registry.

How to get into the Registry Super Fast

You can use the Accelerator program at Amazon which links you up with a law firm, and they will get you an application ID that you then send to Amazon to get in.

The problem is that these services are very expensive.

You can instead go with My Amazon Guy that will help you with the process for way less, and get you into the registry just as fast. Check out the link below.

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