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Outsourcing. We’re not talking about outsourcing your products here, but outsourcing your problems.

Sometimes, as a small business owner, things just get busy, and it’s hard to handle everything you’ve got to do.

Outsourcing Administrative Tasks

When times got really busy my first season running the business selling online, I relied on the service by AskSunday to help take care of Administrative tasks.

The service was very helpful with research tasks that I needed, getting airline tickets and seating.

In one instance the virtual assistant said he was on the phone for 30 minutes to help get some airline ticket issues straightened out.

I’m glad I had the service so they could do what they do best, and I could focus on the important and pressing needs of my business.

How Long Should you KeepĀ it?

I kept the service for a while, and then when things slowed down, I cancelled the service because I felt I didn’t need it as much after my busy season. If you’re in need of help, they’re one way to go.

The key is to know which tasks to delegate to your assistant. Some tasks are more easily delegated, such as arraying plane tickets, which can save a lot of time (don’t give out your Credit card info).

Using their help in researching products, creating lists of suppliers for you to review can help save a lot of time.

Here’s their site: