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The Simple Secret Weapon, that Many Sellers Forget to Use.

I use a photo box to take pictures of the products to get a white background.

The photo box has been a tremendous help in taking pictures and giving the white space behind the product.

The lights brighten up the product and the white background (inside the box) helps in removing the image background.

Amazon, eBay, and the other major marketplaces want your images for your products to be clean. Amazon for instance requires that your main image have a plain white background.

A photo box makes this possible by helping to diffuse the light evenly around your product when you take photos.

But…it’s not the last step after taking your picture.¬†The background¬†will still look like it’s got a white sheet in it. The photo box does a great job, but there’s a final touch that needs to be applied.

Removing the Background from your Product Photos

You may need to take your image into Photoshop for a little bit of cleanup (if the background didn’t come out completely white for example.

Photoshop can be great, but expensive and has a bit of a learning curve.

Check out this post on how to remove product image background.

You might be surprised at the options available today to get it done for you.

What Photobox to Buy for your Product Photo Shoots

The photo box can be folded up and placed into a case which is great so it doesn’t take up a lot of space when it’s being stored.

Here’s a photobox on Amazon with lights similar to the one I have (I don’t think they make the one that I bought anymore): Continuous Lighting Kit & Photo Studio

My photo box has been indispensable. I wish I would have gotten mine sooner when I was first starting out.

A photo box will give your product photos that great, professional look. It’s a must have, and without it, your pictures will look yellow, grainy, and it’s the pictures that sell the products on Amazon.