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The 7 Pillars of Selling Online has the secrets and the framework necessary to successful sell product online.

I’ve made my full time income by selling online with no employees, no big warehouse, just working out of my basement and able to support a family.

Over the years our business has changed and grown, but as the backbone, there have been a couple services that have made all the difference.

1. Fulfillment by Amazon

Fulfillment by Amazon (or FBA), has been one of the greatest things ever for our business.

We ship our products to Amazon, and then Amazon ships the individual orders to customers as they’re placed.

That means that we don’t have to worry about rushing to the Post Office or UPS for every order.

Amazon takes care of it. 

They handle the returns and most of the customer questions/problems related to shipping and any refunds.

2. Amazon Prime Boosts Sales like Nothing Else

Amazon Prime makes such a difference to our business, not so much for ordering, but what it does for the customers.

Prime lets Amazon customers (who are Prime Members), order items with free, 2-day shipping but only if the product ships from an Amazon warehouse.

Since we ship our product to an Amazon Warehouse (many different ones actually), our products qualify for Prime orders. It means customers can get super fast, free shipping, and it translates into more sales especially at Christmas time.

3. Amazon is Better than eBay

Just as an aside, eBay is still playing catchup. Amazon has eaten their lunch, and they’re just starting to try to seriously compete, but with FBA and Prime, Amazon is better than eBay by leaps and bounds.

In this regard, Amazon itself is one of our greatest tools because they have the following:

4. Amazon’s Incredible System of Customer Reviews

Although not perfect, Amazon is vigilant about deleting fraudulent reviews.

Reviewers are ranked, and reviews from actual purchases are marked to help increase confidence that you’re reading a real review

5. Clean Listing pages

Just compare to eBay, and the search and listing pages are a mess over there. It’s like comparing a garage sale to a nice department store.

6. Upfront about Fees

Amazon is clear about their fees, and the fee calculator makes it easy. Other marketplaces have all sorts of hidden fees for the smallest of things.

7. FBA and Customer Feedback

If there is negative feedback to you as a seller for an order that Amazon Fulfilled from one of their fulfillment centers, Amazon will take the heat for it and not let that feedback affect your seller score. FBA is a great way to build up your seller score.

8. Amazon Can do the Work For You

Amazon is the largest marketplace in the world. It’s incredible, and people trust it. When shoppers go to eBay, there’s much more fretting over the feedback of the seller. With Amazon, and it’s systems like FBA, processing customer orders is automated for you.

The great thing is that you can start small, you don’t have to make big orders for products, you can test out selling on Amazon with just a product or two until you get the hang of it, which can happen quite quickly since Amazon makes it so easy.