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This ASIN has GTIN codes that do not match the brand associated to the ASIN. 

Do you have ASINs for your products on Amazon that don’t have GS1 barcodes, and now Amazon is removing your listings?

This can be one of the scariest and most frustrating things a seller on Amazon can face.

Changing barcodes on Amazon can be extremely difficult, but there is hope and way to do it!

Why is Amazon Requiring GS1 UPCs?

In the past, Amazon allowed new listing creations as long as a UPC was provided. That UPC wasn’t checked against the company that issues UPCs, GS1.

Amazon is now checking UPCs to see if they match with the GS1 database, and a lot of sellers, who may not have even created the listing to start with but are selling on a listing are facing this issue.

Basically, the GS1 certificate with your company prefix should match the UPCs for your product listings for your brand on Amazon.

Sometimes, all Amazon needs is a letter showing that the prefix belongs to you. But with a lot of sellers where listings were created years ago with UPCs belonging to other companies, Amazon really, really wants this cleaned up where only official UPCs related to your company are used.

It’s a mess, and what’s worse, there’s no easy fix yet. It’s quite the process to change a UPC.

So How do you change UPC Codes on for your products on Amazon?

Check out this video by My Amazon Guy for some tips.

Things have changed since this video was posted, but it gives you an idea of the type of things involved.

If your products are being removed by Amazon due to UPC issues

If your products are being removed by Amazon due to UPC GS1 issues, contact My Amazon Guy with our affiliate link below to schedule a coaching call, or let them handle it for you.

Changing UPCs takes a lot of back and forth with Seller Central.

It takes a lot of time and effort. These guys have been through the process over and over, helping lots of sellers.

Contact My Amazon Guy with the link below to get help fast and let them handle the process with Amazon.

We’ve worked with them in the past for some of our needs, and highly recommend them.

Fix UPC Barcode Issues Right Now