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A key concept in the 7 Pillars of Selling Online is to discover and follow a passion that you have.

Use your passions and interests to pick a niche and products that can get you excited.

The passion will not only help you have more fun and be more fulfilled, but it will resonate with your customers and help you be successful.

So what is the most important question for your business?

If you don’t want the answer spoiled, watch the video above, but assuming you have, here’s the most important one-word question for your internet business:


Seems simple, but companies and individuals (as highlighted in the video) that ignore this question to their detriment, and many times, to their demise.

Why is The Why so important?

You catch it from the video above, but it’s the why that keeps you motivated when times are tough.

Have you ever started a project with great excitement, but then after a couple months or weeks the steam runs out and you drop the project?

Often the answer is that the why isn’t strong enough. Sure the why can be to make more money, or to provide a full-time income online, but those are results.

Go Deeper, and Make a Difference

The why goes deeper. It’s something that is at your core that you believe, and it’s this belief that leads to passion that can carry you through the difficult times.

The Wright brothers crashed time and time again, but they kept going back to the drawing board. They kept going back because of their unconquerable passion.

But how do you apply this with a business selling products online?

Your passion can be about the product. If you really want to create a business that can sustain a full-time income, why not build upon something that you’re passionate about, something that you’d be involved in, even if you weren’t doing it to make money.

You’ll be happier and find greater success.

Care More about your Business Why brings Greater Success

On a deeper level, the “why” is what keeps us going, and it isn’t just about making money. It’s more.

No one will care more about your business than you, and the more you care about the business you’ve built and the product you offer, the less tolerance you’ll have for subpar products, you’ll care about quality, and quality products sell for more money.

You’ll care about marketing your products, and getting them out there, and you’ll be proud to see people using your products.

The Opportunities are Endless

The opportunities really are endless, you can find products and manufacturers for just about anything. The key is to choose what really fits your interests–what you want to get behind and promote.

Having an Internet Business is much more than just selling on Amazon or eBay. It’s about doing something that you love which can then give you the result you want whether it be working from home or income replacement.

Your Destiny

Take control of your destiny, and having a home internet business selling on Amazon can help you do this without the need to go to an office.