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Want the Freedom and Fulfillment that owning your business can provide?

Want to have a business that works for you even while you sleep or vacation?

Many people do, and have discovered the secret of selling on Amazon and letting Amazon do the work of fulfilling orders.

How do you sell on Amazon?

Check out this excellent step-by-step guide put together by our friends over at Jungle Scout.

Selling on Amazon doesn’t have to be hard.

Highlights from the Video

In the Video, you’ll learn:

  • How to Find Products to Sell on Amazon
  • 6 Criteria of a Good Product on Amazon
  • 2 Main Costs That Affect Profitability
  • Jungle Scout FBA Profit Calculator
  • Legal & Liability Issues
  • How to Find Amazon Suppliers
  • Jungle Scout Supplier Database
  • 4 Step Process to Sourcing a Product
  • How to Pick What to Sell on Amazon
  • Jungle Scout Product Tracker
  • How to Set Up Your Amazon Business
  • Choosing a Brand Name for Amazon
  • Setting Up an LLC
  • How to Create Your Amazon Seller Central Account
  • Individual vs Professional Account
  • Amazon Brand Registry Program
  • And more!

Some people never take action on their dreams.

Today is your day.

Be bold, and take that first step to making your dreams come true!