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Back in the old days…

You would learn a trade from a master, but the master wouldn’t just teach how to do something, the master would teach trade secrets that brought him or her to mastery and success.

Today, too Many Learn the Hard Way

The system of learning from a master gave way to mass production education where we’re taught generalities rather than specifics and success keys.

That leaves too many learning the hard way when it’s time to start a business or even enter the work force.

It’s the learning strategy of repeating the same mistakes that others have made.

Just to highlight a few mistakes beginner sellers on Amazon Make as well as seasoned corporations that just don’t spend the time to get it right:

  • Starting out without using Fulfillment by Amazon. By not using Fulfillment by Amazon, you miss the feedback protection (yes protection) Amazon offers to sellers who use Fulfillment by Amazon.
  • Not knowing how to create a listing that will sell more and stay within Amazon’s seller terms
  • Not knowing how to appropriately promote products
  • Not knowing how to select products that will sell with great margin
  • Having more than one seller account
  • Keyword stuffing titles (another no, no)
  • Creating Multiple Listings for the same product
  • Giving Free products for review (it’s against Amazon’s Seller Terms unless it’s Vine)
  • Not correctly using Marketing tools like Amazon Promotional Campaigns, Coupons, Lightning Deals, and Enhanced Branded Content

These types of mistakes could easily be avoided by jumpstarting the process with some easy-to-follow guidance.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

The Masters are Not Dead. You Just have to Know Where to Look.

It’s where the real secrets of the trade are shared.

Why share the secrets with people who don’t care? The masters want to share with those who are hungry for the knowledge, who are willing to step forward and say, “I will do it.”

Leaving the Pack Behind and Taking Control of Your Future

Be unique selling online

Olympians have trainers, professional athletes have coaches. Imagine how long it would take them to learn without the guidance of someone who’s been there and knows the ins and outs of the sport.

It makes sense there, but too many follow the pack and navigate around in the dark making mistake after mistake.

But that won’t be you.

You’re already searching, learning, and are hungry to get ahead, so check out our secrets of How to Sell on Amazon and check out our recommended training below where you can learn from those that have gone before and are successfully hitting the mark.