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For a long time, I knew that I wanted to have my own business.

Where was the sense in spending my days working a job that built a business for someone else?

I wanted to build something that would benefit me and my family.

The idea of working an hour in my own business and being paid over and over again for investing that hour was very exciting. I knew it could be done somehow…

But I didn’t have a business, and I was stuck in a job that I hated.

Like most, I went to school, got a good job working for a big company…

…but I felt pain in my gut each Sunday night as I realized that Monday morning was just a few hours away, and I’d have to go back to a week’s worth of work doing something I didn’t like.

Payment for Performance

Sure the job paid okay, but “okay” wasn’t good enough.

The same paycheck every two weeks was boring. Where’s the excitement? Where’s the growth?

In that job, pay raises may or may not come, and when they did, it was once a year.

It bugged that other employees on the team that did sloppy work got paid the same.

That’s why having a business was calling my name, I wanted to have the freedom to determine my own paycheck.

Freedom to Set Your Own Schedule

Owning a business allows you to set your own schedule.

No more having to grovel for time off.

Many people in the firm I worked in were so overworked; they didn’t have time to take their accrued vacation days. How sad is that?

When I started my business, it felt awesome to go outside during the middle of the day and take care of the garden or lawn. It was almost surreal…

I was used to going to work before the sun came up and coming home after it had set. This was a welcomed change.

Designing the Lifestyle You Want Most

Starting a business can be awesome, but for many, it becomes just another job…a job that they can’t step away from for more than a day or two or things come crashing down.

That’s why, when I was figuring out what I was going to do, I created a list of things that I wanted in a business that would enable me to travel when I wanted to and have the lifestyle that I wanted.

Having employees, owning a big warehouse, and lashed tight to the business wasn’t something that appealed to me.

I wanted to set something up that could run on its own, something that for each hour of work I put in, I could be paid over and over again.

Selling Products Online was the Key to Success

All sorts of opportunities are out there, and I explored a lot of them.

Many opportunities looked like they were outdated even long before they were posted online.

I felt frustrated and wondered if I’d even be able to make something happen, but I had to make it happen.

I had switched jobs and went into sales thinking I’d get some great experience to help me start a business someday. Part bad-timing, and part it just wasn’t for me, I soon discovered that I needed something fast.

I finally discovered some little known secrets, pieces of the puzzle when put together provided a lot of promise.

It was the engine I was looking for. I just needed to fill the engine with fuel, and I’d be on my way.

What I discovered was that I could work from my basement (literally) and have a successful business selling physical, real-world products online.

Employees weren’t necessary.

Headaches of shipping onesie-twosie orders wouldn’t happen.

The time required to run it would depend on how smart I was, not how much a time card said I needed to be at work.

I started out with just baby-steps, but month by month learned the strategies and secrets to making the business something that I could rely on full time.

Each new product I add is like a fresh start which means the business is sustainable and growable compared to all those opportunities I looked at in the past that were simply outdated.

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