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If you want to know the basics of how Google views your site, you can ask them, and wait for a response…or, you can use one of the free tools Google has provided to check up on how your site is performing in Google.

Google Webmaster Tools for your Online Store

Google Webmaster Tools can tell you how your site is doing, and if Google has identified any problems with your site, it’s how they communicate with you.

You can also submit what’s called a sitemap so that Google can be aware of all the pages on your site.

How fast Google thinks your site is can have an impact on how well your site appears in Google search results.

In Webmaster tools, you can see information that shows your site speed (at least as Google sees it).

You don’t need any tracking code for webmaster tools to work; they give you a file to upload to your site.

Remember, Webmaster tools are for tracking results on your own website.

You won’t be able to track your products on Amazon through Webmaster tools. You’ll need to use the Amazon reports for that, but webmaster tools is a great way to see who is linking to your website, what issues or violations (if any) that Google sees.

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