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There’s no question about it now, Amazon is the largest retailer when it comes to product selection and is a definite powerhouse.

But there’s something to be said for selling on eBay as well. Check out Amazon vs eBay here.

There’s just one thing: Amazon can help you knock it out of the park this holiday season.

Amazon provides an advantage that eBay has tried to replicate in a couple different forms, but has been losing ground.

Amazon’s Secret Weapon to Helping Boost your Product Sales

Have products that you want to sell on the Internet?

There’s two things you have to consider

Fast, Free Shipping.

Amazon’s Fulfillment by Amazon program lets you ship your products in bulk to Amazon, and then Amazon ships out the individual orders to customers on the site. Amazon Prime members get free shipping.

Fast & Free Shipping is something that you could offer if you were to sell your item on eBay, but there’s one big hurdle.

Buyer Trust

If you’ve ever bought something on eBay, you may have wondered, will it get here in time, will it be what I ordered even?

With products sold by you and fulfilled by Amazon, customers have trust that they’ll get their item on time.

Fulfillment by Amazon and Outselling eBay on the Holidays

So you’ve got Trust, and Fast, Free Shipping that you can offer to millions of shoppers on Amazon.

How does this help you outperform selling on eBay during the holidays?

It comes down to last-minute shoppers.

…and that includes me.

If a shopper is going to order something last minute, and order it online, are they going to trust an individual seller on eBay, or are they going to trust the place with which they’ve done business over and over again (Amazon)?

Many businesses see Five Times the normal sales during the week of Christmas.

You want your potential customers to have every opportunity to order from you. Giving them the option to order just a few days before Christmas and have the confidence that they’ll get it means everything, and it means more sales for you.

If Fulfillment by Amazon is so Good, Why Doesn’t Ebay Offer it?

They’ve tried.

Ebay has offered that merchants can ship their goods to other sellers who will be their warehouse and fulfillment center.

They’ve also done some neat things with international shipments where you ship an individual order to a fulfillment center and then they forward it on internationally.


For orders within the US, do you really want to ship your product to some other seller?

Fulfillment by Amazon is not Limited to Amazon Orders Only

Many businesses use Fulfillment by Amazon to fulfill their eBay orders. Crazy stuff, but it works.

Bottom Line Give Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) a Shot

Whether you’re selling 100, 1,000 or just one item, give Fulfillment by Amazon a shot.

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