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How to Remove Enhanced Brand Content on Amazon

Warning: Enhanced Brand Content is not indexed by Amazon Search.

Amazon’s support has confirmed that EBC content for sellers on Amazon is not indexed in the search results.

This confirms what a number of sellers have experienced with a drop in sales when enabling EBC.

Although many sellers saw no change in sales, some were hit hard, probably because key search terms were found within the paragraph description on the product page, and that when away when EBC was activated and then not indexed by Amazon.

This makes it very difficult to make a living selling on Amazon.

This contradicts what Amazon support said in the early days of Enhanced Branded Content stating that EBC content was indexed.

It’s not unfortunately.

Amazon support also said that there’s no plans to index Enhanced Brand Content in the future.

This doesn’t Mean Enhanced Brand Content Should be Disabled or Removed.

Some products are doing just fine in the #1 spot and they’re using EBC, so check your sales.

If you’ve experienced a drop in sales on Amazon since enabling EBC, make sure you optimize your Amazon listing, especially the title and bullet points.

That may be all you need to get your rankings back.

But if you do want to remove Enhanced Brand Content…

Easy Way to Suppress or Remove Enhanced Brand Content

When it first launched, there was no way to switch back to the old paragraph description, sellers were stuck with EBC content. It wasn’t a bad thing if EBC worked for you, but if it didn’t, you were stuck.

There’s now an option to suppress EBC content.

  1. Go to Seller Central and From the Advertising Tab, Select Enhanced Brand Content
  2. Click to edit one of your products
  3. Click the Preview button at the bottom right of the page
  4. Click the Suppress button

Suppress Amazons Enhanced Branded Content

This will stop the EBC content from displaying to customers on Amazon. You can re-enable the Enhanced Brand Content for that product later if you like.

Try changing a product or two and see how your sales do, and don’t forget to get the most out of your title and bullet points.

Amazon has changed things up in its search algorithm, and small changes to your product’s title, bullet points, and description can make a big difference.